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About us

Eco-friendly homes - Respect for nature and environment

The houses were fully restored in 2010-2012 with respect for the original features. The remodelling followed sustainable building practices – materials were reused and sourced locally wherever possible. We have installed solar panels to provide power and warm water for the homes. Rainwater is collected and used for toilets and gardens.  Waste is separated and recycled.

In the woods and olive groves there is still a lot of wildlife, shy night animals like deer, boar, foxes, porcupines, badgers and owls. The impressive and beautiful swooping flight of the buzzards, swallows and bats keep the mosquito count down and give an extra dimension to the varied landscape of forest, olive groves, hills and villages.

Olive picking in autumn
Gallery - A collection of photograps of our houses and surroundings.

La Casa: sleeps 6

La Casa
La Casa
La Casa
La Casa_front south terrace
La Casa_east side
La Casa_entrance
La Casa_entrance
La Casa_fron south terrace
La Casa_terraces
La Casa_terraces
La Casa_terrace
La Casa_terraces
La Casa_west side
La Casa_west side
La Casa_west side
La Casa_west side
La Casa_west side
La Casa_west side
West terrace
La Casa_path to pool
La Casa_path to pool
Roses from the garden
Summer breeze on terrace
Living room
Living room
Dining room
Dining room
Lazy dog
Bathroom downstairs
Entrance with stairs
upstairs hallway and main bathroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom
Master bedroom terrace
Master Bedroom terrace
Master bedroom terrace
View from master bedroom
Small bathroom
Window small bathroom
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 2
Bedroom 3
Bedroom 3
Boschi houses in spring time
Fig tree
Fig tree
Boschi houses
La Casa winter-2012
Boschi in the snow
Map of ground floor
Map of upper floor

For rent and for sale

Il Fienile: sleeps 4

vooraanzicht met roos
woonkamer is op de 1e verdieping
woonkamer zithoek
Pool 10
woonkamer met eettafel
Pool 9
keuken  overzicht (1)
Terras op het oosten
terras met tafel
fienile vooraanzicht
beneden in het dorp wegwijzer naar de heuvel
vooraanzicht 2
grote slaapkamer met klerenkast
grote slaapkamer met tafeltje
grote slaapkamer (2)
terras met bloeiende planten
slaapkamer 2
slaapkamer raam
fienile richting terras
terras wisteria bloeit
terras vanuit het huis
gele roos
Il Fienile_east terrace
Landscape in the mist
Landscape in the mist
Living room
Dining room
Mirror immage
Woods stove
Christmas time
Sunlamps in the snow
Map Fienile ground floor
Map Fienile upper floor

For rent only

Pool and surroundings

Daytrips & Attractions - What to do when visiting us?

“Our” village Valdottavo is known for its own theatre and band performances throughout the year. It also hosts the olive oil festival in late March.

Only 17 km away lies Lucca (, a walled medieval town with numerous sights, great shopping, and countless cafes, piazzas and restaurants to discover in the maze of cobbled streets. An annually recurring highlight is the series of open air summer concerts featuring major international artists: Elton John, Paul Simon, Bob Dylan, Zucchero, George Michael etc. Late October draws comics fans from all over the world. The town has museums, parks, an open air cinema and charming markets. The most typical walk of this town goes along the 4 km long and 12 m wide city walls, providing a unique, wonderful birds-eye view of the city and surrounding countryside.

Other interesting visits in the vicinity of Lucca in Tuscany
  • Happy in Lucca" :
  • Visit Tuscany:
  • At fifteen minutes drive in the direction of Lucca are particularly beautiful villas, historical country residences built between the 15th and 19th centuries. They are surrounded by splendid parks where summertime concerts are held (
  • The Wine and Oil route: Lucca, Montecarlo, Versiglia (
  • The Chianti Route
  • Florence, Siena, San Geminiano, Arezzo, Pisa etc etc: all possible daytrips (
  • The Garfagnana has many medieval villages like Castelnuovo di Garfagnana, and Barga. Barga is home to the famous Jazz festival (BargaJazz), an opera festival and has numerous international painters and artists (;
  • Thermal baths at Bagni di Lucca (
  • Various music festivals within easy driving distance (Florence, Pisa, Puccini operas at Torre del Lago, Pistoia Blues,
  • The famous Viareggio Carneval (
  • Seaside: the coast with both sandy and rocky beaches (Viareggio, Pietrasanta, Castiglioncello) is a 45 minute drive away
  • The natural and historical gems of the Cinque Terre (
  • The marble quarries at Carrara
  • For young (at heart) visitors: Collodi (Pinocchio) park  (
  • Natural parks: Grotta del Vento, Garfagnana and the Alpi Apuane. These areas offer wonderful walking, biking and trekking routes, either guided or on your own (
  • In the winter, the ski and snowboard slopes of Abetone are a 1 hour drive away (
  • Sagras: in July and August there are numerous outdoor food and dance events featuring local bands in the parks and villages around Lucca. Join the locals for an evening of (very affordable) good food, regional wines and an evening of dancing.
Activities we can organise for you:
  • Painting classes

  • Italian cooking

  • Massages, Reiki

  • Olive picking in November

  • Ceramics

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